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29/05/2013 07:30
You're right britain,I too agree that sminkog is far worse than murder and death that are shown continually in Disney films.If someone dies, then no big deal. Now if someone is caught sminkog a cigarette. Hang him! Hang him now. I mean, no one that ever smoked was a good person, right?I mean people like FDR or Winston Churchill smoked and they are obviously bad people. As compared to people that didn't smoke and had healthy eating habits like Adolf Hitler.Smoking is a BAD habit. If you do, one in three people will likely die five to six years earlier than those that don't. But in no way reflects on portraying sminkog as this EVIL thing that people do. We have to put this in moral perspective and unfortunately many people today have a moral compass that is broken.I think if a character is going to smoke in a film, then fine. The parents can then choose to take their child or not. Don't rely on a company to do your moral teaching for you.
29/12/2009 06:55
very informative! Helped answer questions for disabled child
08/12/2009 01:18
For those who have questions and those with answers and it's free!
12/07/2009 20:08
Great tips for those in need!

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